President Letter

About Agma Aviation

AGMA is adopting the vision of aviation services in a strict policy to support the aviation industry in Saudi Arabia, through the adoption of the international, regional and local standards which governing this sensitive industry ,and by maintaining a high technical level to reach a great convenience to the customer.

AGMA is proud of it’s presence in a refined and a classy atmosphere of a positive competition, which aims to provide better service to the customer, where AGMA characterized as a global network of relationships has a wide range in the industry and by the fact that its employees are those who worked in the field of aviation in several countries and under different conditions and regulations , thus they are fully aware of What is the meaning of the flag being in the aviation industry, and this conceptual comprehensive services and products provided by us agrees with the needs in the field with high flexibility and reliability.

AGMA is charting the future plans to introduce a new concept of the aviation services and the consultancy of all would raise the profile of this promising industry in Saudi Arabia, in terms of the trust and integrity.